People Who Have Made a Positive Impact in the World

Project Sheet – Due Dates and Assignments

1. Select a person who has made a “positive” impact in the world – in the  field of art, music, politics, education, medicine, science and technology, the environment. Have a name by _______________

2. Have 5 sources for  your information – 3 can be Web Sites/On-line resources.

3. Complete appropriate Works Consulted Sheets for each source. Due ______

4. Notes – Due ____________

5. Create a PowerPoint or a Brochure  Due _____________

6. Make 5 business cards – see samples in class – Due _____________

7. Role Play – Dress up as your person or – bring in artifacts that are symbolic of the person and their accomplishments. Due ______


What if??

If you know that you will NOT be here for the World Conference

You are required to have your brochure or PowerPoint completed BEFORE you leave.

If you must miss the conference, you MUST arrange to meet with me. We will ask 4-5 of your classmates to work with you during a study period and re-enact the mini conference, so that you may complete the REQUIRED sheet.

If you are sick…all of the above is required, but we will schedule  your work when you return.



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